Windows Media Player or Quicktime needed to view animation.Music With A Message For Kids is a non-profit corporation dedicated to bringing FREE  educational and motivational music programs to elementary schools, public libraries and community youth and family organizations in inner cities, remote rural areas, storm damaged locations and military bases.

Our director and main performer, Rick Kelley, is a veteran, award winning entertainer, singer-keyboardist-songwriter who performs for corporate events, festivals & fairs, college campuses and fine arts venues. He has been a professional performer for the past 25 years and has appeared at over 3000 events. For the past 7 years, Rick has concentrated his efforts toward bringing a positive, informative and interactive message to kids and families all over the U.S. Rick offers 5 different interactive programs for younger audiences:

bullet "Don't Just Sit There ... Read Something" - interactive songs promoting reading and instilling a passion for books in young children
bullet "What Can I Do For You? - interactive songs about giving, sharing philanthropy and generally helping others.

"Music A to Z" - an interactive music appreciation crash course where 26 different musical styles and terms, including music of other cultures, are musically discussed (Aria to Zydeco).  


"Fearless Leaders Lead By Example" - a program on leadership and self-esteem for Middle School Students. This program inspires young people to be "doers" not "watchers" and to overcome their fear of failure or peer scrutiny which liberates them and enables them to become true leaders who lead by example.


"Don't Just Sit There - Get Healthy" - an interactive program in which (in a Fun and Unique way) we inform kids about proper nutrition and health issues with original songs about the importance of eating the right foods, exercise, living an active live style, and proper hygiene to avoid getting sick and missing SCHOOL.